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The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported a very large meta-study a few months ago an the effect of saturated fats on cardiovascular disease (CVD), coronary heart disease (CHD), and stroke..  Dr. Andrew Weill brought it to our attention here

Cat ladies' behaviour explained?
Health News - Latest

The Economist magazine has a fascinating article summarizing research on a real parasite that may actually impact human behavior:  "If an alien bug invaded the brains of half the population, hijacked their neurochemistry, altered the way they acted and drove some of them crazy, then you might expect a few excitable headlines to appear in the press. Yet something disturbingly like this may actually be happening without the world noticing."  It may even explain why both the French and Cat Ladies are so neurotic.

DHA and senior moments

The Omega 3 fatty acid DHA is a required ingredient in baby formulas and is being studied as a possible additional treatment for senior dementia and Alzheimer's.  The 2009 Alzheimer's Association International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease (ICAD 2009) had a number of reports on DHA studies.  A conference press release started with the fairly underwhelming results from one study, but buried on page two was a shocking statement from another trial. MIDAS study author Karin Yurko-Mauro (admittedly employed by a large DHA manufacturer) reported: "The benefit [after six months of DHA supplementation] is roughly equivalent to having the learning and memory skills of someone three years younger."

A real mechanism for acupuncture?
Health News - Latest

A team from University of Rochester Medical Center has just published a hard science study in Nature Neuroscience of the effects of acupuncture on pain relief. The study shows that acupuncture increases adenosine levels near the site of the needle 24x.  Adenosine is "a natural painkiller, becoming active in the skin after an injury to inhibit nerve signals and ease pain in a way similar to lidocaine."  The addition of another drug, deoxycoformycin, which prolongs the effects of adenosine increases the effect 3x.  But sadly, the pain relief has only been proven in mice, so far...


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