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Pagework in progress: Brain Chemistry: genetic defects and depression. Academic research, Why SSRIS may not work for you. Feed your brain. Common prescription drugs that darken your mood: here's why!

Diabetes and peripheral neuropathy: What your A1C level predicts, European peripheral neuropathy treatments. 5 BIG legitimate studies

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End the Mind's Suffering

(January 2017) The brain and body are organs whose pain can be relieved by molecules. The mind is not an organ but its pain can be relieved by reading a random chapter from Smell the coffee and Wake Up This clearly worded introduction to Zen meditation and mindfulness may reduce stress quickly. Women, in particular. seem to embrace this little book made up of of short relevant chapters. often if they are already curious about mindfulness and self improvement, so enthusiastically they enjoy gifting this book to close friends.

Happier even if they forget you (2010)

Care givers and visitors of loved ones with dementia often feel they no longer make a difference because they are not recognized or remembered. A new University of Iowa study demonstrates that, at a deeper level, familiar faces still trigger happy feelings.

Study suggests role for antioxidants in Neuropathy and Lower Back Pain(2017)

This study reported in the European Journal of physical rehabilitative medicine suggests a role for alpha lipoic acid in the treatment of lower back pain . Many other studies have suggested a role for Alpha lipoic acid in the treatment of Diabetic neuropathy which can have similar symptoms. We will collect and report on these studies in a later article, but this article is the first to come to our attention that specifically addresses Alpha Lipoic acid's possible rolealong with other Antioxidant substances in Lower Back Pain (LBP). as the article states: Neuropathic mechanisms largely contribute to low back pain (LBP) and oxidative stress is acknowledged as one of the causes of nerve damage typical of neuropathic pain.